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You have a lot of choices of photographers here on Vancouver Island! I love being part of a vibrant creative community. Choosing a photographer to tell your story is an important and personal choice. Here’s some things to consider:

What are you looking for?:

Setting: Where do you want your photos to be taken? A studio? At your home or business? Indoors or outdoors? What kind of location do you envision?

Style: Look through your pins or the photos on insta that stop your scroll. What do they have in common? Are they dark and moody or bright and joyful? Are you drawn to traditional posed portraits or to a more candid style?

Final Product: What do you want from these photos? Are they for sharing on social media? Printed art for your home? Telling the story of your day in an album or slideshow? (or maybe all of the above!)

Service: Do you want just the basics — “say cheese,” click and done? Maybe you’re looking for someone you can relate to and work with collaboratively. Do you need a photographer who will create a unique and meaningful experience? Consider the service experience you’re looking for, from booking to delivery of products.

Lifestyle Documentary Photography Vancouver Island

What I’m all about as your photographer:

Experience and Versatility: Starting out shooting and developing film gave me a strong foundation in photography. I’ve spent the last 15 years doing various types of photography with all different types of gear. I can confidently say that I can shoot anything, anywhere. Being able to handle any situation makes me confident and relaxed as your photographer.

Artistic Interpretation: Great photos capture how things felt, not just how they looked. I bring an artistic vision to your shoot and the resulting images are true to you, your love, your memories. My style has been described as “like real life, only better.”

Environmental Portraits: I’m a location photographer, preferring to create photos of people in real-life surroundings, not in a studio. I seek to tell stories of people in their environment. I love to create images that show elements of the surroundings in the frame, especially when we’re shooting somewhere as beautiful as the west coast.

Attention to Detail: In shooting and in editing, I strive to capture all the little details that matter and omit any that distract from your story. As an idealist and a perfectionist, I meticulously edit images to change or remove anything that distracts from the story or the subject.

Classic, Not Trendy Style: I have always loved true to life colours and tones. Your skin will look like your skin. The greens will be truly green (because what’s better than west coast greens?) By editing without using trendy filters or presets, your photos will be classically beautiful and treasured forever.

Authenticity: I’ll work with you to plan a shoot that reflects who you are and the story you want to tell. Your photos won’t feel stiff or unnatural. I seek out genuine connections and use prompts and activities for authentic reactions. Your personalities will shine through!

Collaborative Experience: As my client, I consider you a collaborative partner in creating art that you’ll love. I’ll work with you to make sure your needs and expectations are met and that your experience is smooth and enjoyable. You have an artistic vision too and I want to use my skills to make your vision a reality.

Family Portrait Sandcut Beach Waterfall

What Do I Shoot?

I have experience in a wide range of genres and love shooting a variety of subjects. Currently my focus is on Lifestyle photography for couples and families. I am also newly passionate about Weddings! I love any event where I get the opportunity to document and tell a story.

I have put together some packages for the types of Sessions I do frequently. Have a look at those and if what you need doesn’t fit any of those packages, feel free to Contact Me.

Photography Packages 2019

More Information (for people who want *all* the details!):

Frequently Asked Questions

Photography Services Agreement (Standard Sessions 2019)

Print Prices 2019

Client Guide: Family Style Guide