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Uno Collective Bargaining Agreement

University Archives File Cabinet Collection (University of Nebraska at Omaha Records), UNO-0005. University of Nebraska at Omaha Archives – Special Collections. Ranked in the current and development subcategories of Cynthia Taylor`s development. The collection is open to research. Collections of manuscripts and archives may contain documents containing sensitive or confidential information, under the law of the Federal or State to data protection legislation and regulation, the Nebraska Public Records Statutes (Neb). Rev. Stat. Confidential material may contain, among other things, educational, medical and personal records, but it is not limited to that. Researchers are informed that the disclosure of certain information about identifiable living persons represented in this collection, without the consent of these individuals, may have legal consequences (for example. (b) there may be a common ground for invasion of privacy where facts about a person`s privacy deemed to be extremely offensive to a reasonable person) are made public. University of Nebraska Omaha assumes no responsibility.

The treaty refers to a workload policy that was revised cooperatively in 2016 by the UN-AAUP and the UN administration. It aims to facilitate an appropriate interpretation by each university unit of the university. This collection includes organizing materials from the University of Nebraska in Omaha and its predecessors, The Omaha Municipal University and Omaha University, which date from the institution`s founding in 1908 to the present day. The archives come from many colleges, schools, departments, offices, committees, faculty and staff organizations, student and alumni organizations. Documents include publications, event programs, conference materials, promotional materials, meeting minutes, correspondence, budget information, internal reports, directives, architectural drawings, photographs and various recordings of various groups close to the United Nations and the United Nations, or regarding individuals, buildings, events and academic programs. . The new materials are transferred irregularly to the Criss library. Membership data is incomplete or missing. The documents come from a large number of UN offices, departments and organizations and have entered the university archives through a large number of channels. Part of the University of Nebraska at Omaha Archives – Special Collections Repository The collective agreement (CBA) is better known as a “contract” and creates working conditions for all full-time faculties of the United Nations.

The faculty should get to know its contract and its rights and duties. All specific questions regarding the contract can be addressed to the Executive Committee and, in particular, to grievance Officer Angie Eikenberry.